Seven Plays in Eight days: Thursday – Othello

Sometimes, there’s just not much that can be said about a play, and this year’s Othello at Stratford is one of these cases.

it is, in a word, brilliant. Period.

The design is stunning – painted all in red, two enormous walls and a square raked rotating playing space dominate the stage. The lighting is inspired, creating space and time in such creative ways. Coolest effect over: projecting clouds onto a billowing black sail to indicate a tempest. So friggin’ awesome.

And the acting. Damn.

Courtesy Toronto Star
Courtesy Toronto Star

I had the pleasure of working with Graham Abbey on Hamlet in 2009, and besides being a super generous and nice guy, he’s a fantastic actor. Getting to see him play Iago to Dion Johnstone’s Othello was nothing short of brilliant. These two powerhouse stage actors are awesome sparring partners, but wow did Graham stand out as Iago… just pure evil. So well done.

So yeah. It’s an amazing show.

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