30 Days Later…

While I had intended to make this posting earlier in the week, I was for some reason locked out of my account, and have only now been allowed back in.

I missed you.

So, wow. I have “offically” been an MA Student, a Post-Grad, for a month (and a day). It’s been an eye-opener, to be sure. The only analogy I have to the experience so far is that Grad school is a bus and I am that guy who is running *just* behind it – I almost get on at every stop, but I just miss it and have to keep running. Sometimes, I get to touch the back or even the side of it, but I have yet to actually board.

The material is fantastic. I am truly enjoying all the readings, most of the assignments, and learning from all the people who exist out there in the ether and who post in the discussions along side of me. I’m very excited to meet some of them in April when I head to England for the Pedagogy class, but until then, we’re all e-colleagues.

My biggest challenge so far is time management. I feel like I keep stealing time from this or that to get the work done, and when I do get a solid block to get something read or written, my brain is often so scrambled that I can’t focus long enough to get more than a page or two written.

Which is my current conundrum.

My first essay — Original Practice and The Tempest — is due in a fortnight. My plan is to have the essay written by Friday (maaaaaaaybe Saturday), send it to my friends who have PhD’s, let them rip it to shreds, relax while that happens, and then take the pieces and reassemble it. What has become amusing to me is that I have slipped back into my old study habits (yes, I’ve regressed 15 years) and I am now doing everything I tell my students not to do. I started writing without an outline. I’ve been sort of winging it in hopes of just getting something on the page and then sorting out the mess later. 

I actually had a moment two nights ago, as I sat in Robarts library, where I did the MOST cliché thing ever – I fired up the laptop, typed in the title, typed out a few words, deleted, typed a few different words, deleted, went to blow my nose (I had a head cold), came back, typed a few more words, opened a book, checked my email, went back to the essay…

You get the picture.

Tonight is Hallowe’en. While Gay Christmas is going on in the Village here in Toronto, I will likely be back at Robarts trying to hammer out another 1400 words (I’ve written around 600 words so far, I need 2000 for this essay) so I can maybe actually be done for Saturday morning.

And yes, you’re right, I probably should be writing right now. Well, for your information, it’s my lunch, I’ve had a hectic day, and quite frankly, I don’t wanna right now. Pffffffthwwwww.

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