Much Ado Auditions

In January 2017, my production of Much Ado About Nothing will go up at Theatre Aurora in Aurora, Ontario.

You should come and audition!

My producer Mary MacDonald-Rival and I have met and set the dates and information about the show.

Auditions will take place September 6th and 8th, with callbacks on September 11

Actors of all experience levels are encouraged to audition. No prior experience with Shakespeare is required.

Auditioners do not need to prepare an audition piece prior to the audition. All auditioners will arrive at 7pm and participate in a group workshop and audition, and will be required to stay until the end of the session.

Auditioners need only attend one night of auditions, but must be available for the callback.

Copies of the pieces to be workshopped during the audition are available for download by clicking here

Show Synopsis:

Canada, 1920. The Great War is over, and Don Pedro and his men Benedick and young Claudio have come to the home of Leonato upon their return. There, Claudio meets and falls in love with Leonato’s daughter Hero, while Benedick is reacquainted with Beatrice, with whom he seems to be a history. She, however, is having none of it.

While the young and older lovers court and spar, Don John, Pedro’s illegitimate and vindictive brother, carries out a plot to ruin his brother’s happiness, at the cost of the young lovers.

This is a Shakespearean comedy, however, so by the end of the play, all of the lovers have found their partners, the baddies have been punished, and all’s well that ends well.


LEONATO, Governor of Messina
HERO, his daughter
BEATRICE, his niece
ANTONIO, Leonato’s Brother
Waiting gentlewomen to Hero:
DON PEDRO, Prince of Aragon
COUNT CLAUDIO, a young lord from Florence
SIGNIOR BENEDICK, a gentleman from Padua
DON JOHN, Don Pedro’s brother
Don John’s followers:
DOGBERRY, Master Constable in Messina
VERGES, Dogberry’s partner
GEORGE SEACOAL, leader of the Watch
MESSENGER to Leonato
MESSENGER to Don Pedro
Musicians, Lords, Attendants, Son to ANTONIO

To set up an audition, email Mary Macdonald Rival at rivalconcepts [at]

For more information about the play, contact me at shawn [at]

Visit Theatre Aurora’s Website for more info about the company.


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