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I believe that Shakespeare is meant to be said, not read. We do a disservice to our students when we treat Shakespeare’s plays as novels.

This does not mean that we shouldn’t look at his works with a critical eye. We should, and we must. Some of the best Shakespearean “scholars” are actors, directors and designers who have come to know his plays by doing them actively.


To read my research on both Shakespeare and Shakespeare Education, visit my page.


I have delivered many Teacher workshops on a variety of topics in Drama Education, Shakespeare Education, English, and technology. A list of previous workshops follows, but I can design a workshop to address your classroom needs. Besides a focus on bringing Shakespeare alive in your classroom, I am interested in active, student-led learning across the curriculum. Some of my workshops:

  • Shakespeare Reloaded OSSTF Professional Activity Day (2017)
    • a 2-hr workshop for teachers using Shakespeare Reloaded’s “Imaginarium” as a springboard to examine how we teach Shakespeare, and how we could teach Shakespeare
  • Shakespeare 101 Brock University Faculty of Education Intermediate English (2016)
    • a 2-hr workshop introducing pre-service English teachers to active approaches to Shakespeare’s texts
  • From Class to Company: Creating a sense of Team in your classroom CODE (2015)
    • a 90-minute workshop for teacher on using leadership skillbuilding techniques in Drama classrooms, with a view to instilling leadership qualities and skills into students
  • Professional Exploration leader, Canadian Stage Company (2014-15)
  • Artspiration: Drama up your sleeve YRDSB (2015)
    • a 90-minute workshop for Elementary teachers on incorporating Drama and the Ontario Drama Curriculum expectations into their existing lessons and units, rather than having to create and deliver a “Drama unit”
  • Drama Club for Teachers Middlefield Family of Schools (2014)
    • a series of 90-minute workshops for elementary teachers introducing Drama forms and activities for use in their classroom
  • Drama in Your Elementary Social Science Classroom Middlefield Family of Schools (2014)
    • a Board-supported Collaborative Inquiry project for teachers, where a cohort of teachers and I worked collaboratively to incorporate Drama in a meaningful way into their Social Science courses
  • Shakespeare on your Feet Shakespeare in the Ruff (2014)
    • an introduction to Shakespearean text, and tricks for reading and performing Shakespeare, for the Young Ruffians youth program
  • My Digital Drama Classroom YRDSB Google Camp (2013)
    • a 60-minute workshop for teachers on using Google tools in my Drama classes with my students
  • Scared of Shakespeare?!? OSSTF Professional Activity Day, (2013)
    • a 2-hour workshop for secondary English teachers on using active approaches to Shakespeare’s works in their classroom

Interested in any of these workshops, or need a workshop designed? I create and lead workshops for teachers, students, and professionals. For more information, contact me.


Here is a link to the Google Drive folder that contains some of the materials I use in my own classroom, as well as mini-lessons and other useful resources for teachers of Shakespeare and Drama in Education.


University of Birmingham – The University that conferred a Master’s degree on me in 2016.

Shakespeare Institute – Where I actually (virtually) studied

Stratford Festival Learn – Canada’s premier Shakespearean Festival; Home of the Teaching Shakespeare School, and many fantastic resources

Royal Shakespeare Company Education Department – Good resources for all teachers, and great opportunities for UK-based educators.

Shakespeare’s Globe Education – Good resources for all teachers, and great opportunities for UK-based educators

Folger Shakespeare Library – American Shakespeare centre located in Washington DC, an extraordinary collection of Shakespeareana and some stellar resources for educators.

Good Tickle Brain – a great Canadian Shakespeare weblog. Love the work Mya does. Lots of great fun stuff and some really good Shakespearean educational resources.

Canadian Stage – Toronto-based professional theatre company; mounts Shakespeare in High Park each summer

Shakespeare in the Ruff – Local Toronto summer Shakespeare company, based out of Withrow Park

Theatre Ontario – charitable, not-for-profit association of professional, community, and educational theatre organizations and artists